BM Group’s companies

People, sustainability, innovation, and territory: these are the values of BM Group, which combines companies with different specialisations working towards technological transformation and energy transition.

Polytec Mechatronics develops technologically advanced automation systems and robotic solutions, supporting industry on the path towards digital transformation.

Polytec Intralogistics develops navigation technologies, autonomous mobile robots and solutions for efficient intralogistics management.

Nyox acts as an EPC contractor for turnkey industrial photovoltaic systems (roof and ground-mounted) and also provides innovative solutions.

Hydroalp acts as EPC Contractor for hydropower and hydrogen plants and builds skid systems.

Tecnerga, a certified ESCO, provides business consulting services for energy efficiency measures.

AlpiCapital is an investment company operating in the renewable energy sector, by involving private and institutional investors.

Development and co-development of renewable energy systems

Production and processing of dried wood chips, pellets, and wood derivatives

Country Companies

Distributor of Polytec’s products in the USA and Canada.

Distributor of Polytec’s products in South America.

Distributor of Polytec’s products in Mexico.

Distributor of Polytec’s products in South Korea.